Let's Talk Reusable Cloth Pads


It is that dreaded time of the month, the raging river of red has arrived. To make the situation even more unpleasant, because the nausea and abdominal cramping isn’t enough, it’s also hot and humid. Let’s face it, wearing pads is no fun at all. Who likes wearing pads, even on a good day, anyway? They’re uncomfortable, bulky, they move, they don’t breathe very well and they also stink - if you’ve been in a public toilet and used the sanitary bin, you’d know what I mean…YUCK. Don’t even get me started on tampons.

I’ve had a hate-relationship with my periods for over a decade. Pads were always so uncomfortable for me and tampons weren’t much better. There was also the constant stress and anxiety over whether or not the pad was leaking through. Sleeping overnight was always a gamble.

Something great happened about year and a half ago - I was introduced to cloth pads!

They are amazing, a real game changer for anyone who menstruates. Since I made the switch to reusable pads I haven’t been dreading my periods, I’m even excited sometimes because I get to use my pretty pads. Reusable pads have been extremely comfortable to wear, even in the heat. They stay in place all day and are super absorbent while still being breathable - there are no plastic or PUL components. Cloth pads do not smell either (Its actually the chemicals in disposables that are the culprit for bad odors). They’re also great for anyone who suffers from irritation because of the ‘nasties’ in disposables.

Now you’re probably thinking that cloth pads are a little gross - “you mean I gotta wash them?” Well, I’m here to assure you that they’re far from disgusting and washing them is super easy!

I’m a little lazy when it comes to washing, I already have plenty with two kids (one still in cloth nappies), so I leave washing all my pads until my period is over. I keep a small basket in my bathroom for used pads. As I take one off, I fold it in half and pop it in there. The basket is open so it gets enough air which means NO bad smells at all. Period. Once I’ve collected all my used pads, I fill up the laundry sink and place all my pads face down in cold water to be left overnight. Come morning, I drain the water and rinse them off before I chuck them in the washing machine. Sometimes I’ll soak them for 30 minutes in warm water with stain remover before putting them in the machine. I then hang them on the line to dry ready for next month. If the pad is a little stained I’ll place it in the sun. Sunlight is magical for removing stains! This method has worked really well for my lazy self. All my cloth pads still look new and none of them have been left with permanent stains - even the white ones!

In addition to reusable pads being better for your health, and in my opinion so much more comfortable, they are also way kinder to the environment. If you’re wanting to become more environmentally friendly and work towards a greener lifestyle, then cloth pads and menstrual cups are definitely the way to go. (I'll be sharing my experience with menstrual cups soon, watch this space.)

Cloth pads can be fully customisable. Depending on where you purchase your pads, you can choose the length, the shape, the type of material, the pattern and the absorbency that you need. Every body is different, and we all bleed differently so its great to be able to choose something that really works for your individual needs. I have a variety of cloth pads , everything from small liners to big and super absorbent pads for overnight use. There is no plastic backing on the pads that I use, instead it’s a type of fleece fabric that repels moisture. I have NEVER leaked, even on the heavier days - they really do work. The core of the pad is made up of different layers of fabric to reach your desired absorbency, usually bamboo and flannel.

I definitely recommend giving cloth pads a go! Everyone I know who has tried them, has fallen in love and went back to order more. If you do decide to give them a go, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Before we finish up, I want to introduce to you two lovely ladies who make cloth pads, and have made most of the cloth pads I use today. These ladies are both so sweet and patient to deal with throughout the whole process of customising your pads. They also have great taste in fabrics and offer a variety of styles and colours to choose from. If you’re after some reusable pads of your own, then definitely read on - there is little surprise for you.

Whimsy Woo Cloth. Sarah is the owner and maker behind Whimsy Woo Cloth. Her business was born after she fell in love with her first reusable pad, she then began making her own and selling them. Sarah is a stay-at-home mum to a gorgeous and energetic toddler, sewing pads is something she loves to do in her downtime. Visit Whimsy Woo Cloth, and join the Facebook page here to get in contact with Sarah and order your own customs pads . Mention HANADI to receive a free 6-8" liner with your first order of $30 or more.

Red Town Reusables. Chloe started using cloth pads after her first child was born. Her body was reacting badly to disposables so she tried something new. She fell in love with reusable pads, and decided to make her own. Chloe borrowed a sewing machine and taught her self how to sew. After creating many pads for friends and family, she began her business in 2017 and has since made thousands of pads that have been sent all over the world. Chloe is passionate about making reusable pads and hopes to contribute to a healthier planet and body. You can check out her beautiful pads from Red Town Reusables’ Facebook page here. Use the code HANADI10 for a discount on your first order.