Essential, Eco-friendly Kitchen Cleaning Tools

It’s been over 3 months now since I made the switch to using sustainable products to clean my dishes. I’m loving the results, so I thought I’d try my luck at inspiring you to make the switch too.

The sponge

Instead of using a synthetic sponge that is destined for landfill, I’ve been using something that can literally be thrown into my garden when I’m finished with it - it’s a scrubbing pad made from natural coconut fibres.

It does take a little while to get used to as it is by no means the same as your typical green and yellow sponge. Regardless, it does a brilliant job at cleaning dishes and removing any dried-up food. It’s also gentle enough to use on your nonstick pans. The scrubbing pad lathers up as you would expect from a sponge, but I would go as far as to say it requires less dishwashing liquid.

I have been using mine daily, multiple times a day, for over three months and its still hanging in there. I would have gone through 3 sponges by this stage - so not only am I helping to save the environment, I’m saving money too!

The bottle cleaner

I use the EcoCoconut bottle cleaner. It easily beats all of the traditional bottle cleaners I’ve used in the past. Its bristles, made from coconut husks, are nice and firm, making it easy for me to clean our bottles - it easily cleans off dried smoothie from stainless steel too! The steel wire is recyclable and the long handle is made from FSC-certified timber. The brush’s coconut fibres are naturally antibacterial and easily cut through grease. After use, just make sure to let the handle dry out before sticking it back in the jar, this will avoid the handle becoming mouldy.

The brush

When my hands are in need of a break from detergent I take out my trusty plant fibre handled brush! This particular brush can also be used for washing vegetables and fruits. What’s really cool about this brush is that the head can be replaced and is made from all natural material. Definitely one of my kitchen essentials!

The paper towel

Let’s face it, paper towels are pretty damn useful - and the thought of foregoing them may seem ludicrous. Well, I’m here to show you that it’s not! Reusable rags do the same job, if not more effective, and are much better for the environment (and your pocket). These can be used over and over again to wipe up spills and messes, then thrown in the washing machine in between uses. If you use paper towels for drying your hands, why not try using a tea towel instead? I’ve found that cotton tea towels are the most absorbent and quick drying. So, there really isn’t a need for paper towels in the kitchen - anything they can do, reusables can too!

This is how mine look after over 3 months of constant use. The scrub may look like it just got out of bed, but it still functions just fine!

I’ve included some links below to the products I’m using, and where you can find them.

Happy Washing Dishes!!